TRAIL WARNING: Eudunda & Neales Flat area – Map 4 – Flood Damage has caused some trail markers missing and possible difficulty to negotiate. There are possibly other areas affected too – please advise us if you come across any issues.
Cyclists reporting very muddy conditions in the Clare to Eudunda stretch
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Lavender Federation Trail

Built entirely by Volunteers


the rare and unique beauty of this 325km trail from Murray Bridge to Clare.

Discover the rare and unique beauty of this 325 km walking trail
from Murray Bridge in the South to Clare in the North.
And For Cyclists We Have a Special Lavender Cycling Trail (M2C) Just For You

Or Enjoy one of the many Loop or Spur Trails running off the LFT,
Each with their own Story to tell and Beauty to Discover

Welcome to the Lavender Federation Trail,
The Lavender Federation Trail (LFT) celebrates 100 years since the 1901 Federation of Australia and the memory of Terry Lavender OAM, whose vision established this trail from Murray Bridge to Clare.

It is a linear walking trail through diverse countryside traversing the eastern flanks of the Mt Lofty Ranges. It begins at Murray Bridge and traverses the Barossa, Goyder, Mid North and the Clare Valley regions to Clare.

The trail’s serpentine course takes it into the townships of Murray Bridge, Tungkillo, Dutton, Eudunda, Waterloo, Manoora, Mintaro, Watervale and Clare.

Detailed Maps available at various locations:

Loop trails are accessed from Tungkillo, Mount Pleasant, Springton, Eden Valley, Moculta and Point Pass, Watervale.
Spur trails connect to Callington, Keyneton, Truro and Robertstown. The Sanderston Trail links the LFT at South Rhine via the Springton Loop Trail with Saunders Gorge.
The Main trail is 325 kilometres with connecting trails providing an additional 96 km.
The LFT intersects with the Kidman, Mawson, Heysen and Riesling Trails and links to trails within the Kinchina Conservation Park at Monarto.
The trail network has been designed, constructed and maintained entirely by volunteers.

Lavender Federation Trail -Map-showing-Maps-1-to-6-2018
Lavender Federation Trail -Map-showing-Maps-1-to-6-2018


Town and LFT Map Number #



The Trail User’s Code of Practice

  • Always follow the marked track
  • No Fires, camping or smoking
  • Dogs must remain on leash (and no entry to private land)
  • Move quietly near domestic animals and avoid all contact
  • Appreciate wild animals from a distance
  • Comply with signage
  • Take all your litter with you
  • Comply with Australian Road Rules when following or crossing roads

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