TRAIL WARNING: Eudunda & Neales Flat area – Map 4 – Flood Damage has caused some trail markers missing and possible difficulty to negotiate. There are possibly other areas affected too – please advise us if you come across any issues.
Cyclists reporting very muddy conditions in the Clare to Eudunda stretch
Come Visit SARTI Stand at the Eudunda Show – 14th Nov 2021 – Show Official Opens at 1pm and goes till about 5pm – but there is a FREE BBQ, icecream and MUSIC afterward till about 9:30pm

Camping – Where You Can Camp

This page is about CAMPING along the Lavender Federation Trial and Lavender Cycling Trail.
Walkers and Cyclists wishing to find safe camping spots can use this list as a rough guide.

Please – if you find a great place that is not on this list – LET US KNOW
and the same goes for if you find something listed here that is no longer available or an option (please let us know – thank you!)

Various rules apply – quite often this is to book with a local council before you camp.
this information is to be taken ‘as a guide only’ as various sites may be closed at times,
So we suggest planning ahead and booking ahead. Remember also that WATER can be the main issue in some sections.

New Information has come to hand about some sites which are listed here – NOT BEING AVAILABLE TO CAMP.
As we wish this to be an informative guide, rather than remove the listings we will mark them as “No Camping” so that you are aware of the restrictions.

Don’t forget to check our Accommodation Listing as well, it has some great alternatives if camping is not available in the area.


  • Murray Bridge – There should be many options here – check our Accommodation Listing and also Google Caravan Parks
  • Monarto
    • Monarto Equestrian Centre See Group Accommodation Listing
    • Monarto Oval – Camping, water and toilets. Large groups using kitchen facilities fee required. Contact Murray Bridge Info Centre, 1800 442 784 (currently you have to collect key from the info centre first)



  • Mt. Pleasant – Mount Pleasant Caravan Park (Talunga Recreation Park) See Accommodation Listing – Map 3
  • Springton Oval – Graetz Terrace, Springton. water and toilets. NO CAMPING.
  • Eden Valley – Caravan Park – See Accommodation Listing – Map 3
  • Keyneton. Oval –  Camping, water and toilets. Council permission required 08 8569 0100
  • Moculta. Recreation Park, 780 Hutton Vale Road, Moculta – water and toilets. NO CAMPING
  • Truro. Weighbridge Motel & Cafe, 85674406 or 0422593404 (need to check phone number and if they still pick up as new owners)


  • Dutton, small BBQ area where some hardy campers do ok – NO water (but locals are very supportive) – there are pickups from Eudunda if required.
  • Neales Flat
    • Footside Farm – See Group Accommodation Listing Camping of Single campers ok too – Phone – can supply meals & pickups.
    • The Barn At Wombat Flat – camping available also rooms – Phone – can supply pickups.
  • Eudunda – Eudunda Caravan Park – Free Camping area (no need to book), or use facilities book ahead See Accommodation Listing – Map 4


  • Point Pass – Camping at Oval. Contact Point Pass Hotel. 08 85811 556o or Di – See Accommodation Listing – Map 5
  • Robertstown – Robertstown Oval, 7 Commercial Street, Robertstown, book ahead for key 08 8581 7209 – See Accommodation Listing – Map 5
  • Waterloo. Water, Toilets and Camping at the Tom Kruse shelter
  • Manoora – Camping at Oval. Contact Pat Quick, 04 08100 446


  • Mintaro – Water, Toilets, RV friendly town. possible camping. Council permission required 08 8842 6400
  • Watervale – Toilets and water, possible camping. Council permission required 08 8842 6400
  • Clare – Caravan Park 1800 422 721.


  • Callington – Callington Oval. Camping Contact Paul Thompson, 0433 928 216


Find the nearest toilet by completing a search on The National Public Toilet Map