TRAIL WARNING: Eudunda & Neales Flat area – Map 4 – Flood Damage has caused some trail markers missing and possible difficulty to negotiate. There are possibly other areas affected too – please advise us if you come across any issues.
Cyclists reporting very muddy conditions in the Clare to Eudunda stretch
Come Visit SARTI Stand at the Eudunda Show – 14th Nov 2021 – Show Official Opens at 1pm and goes till about 5pm – but there is a FREE BBQ, icecream and MUSIC afterward till about 9:30pm

Kinchina Conservation Park

Updated map of Kinchina Conservation Park trails.
Adds in the Cemetery Trail Spur
and the new Cypress Hill Trail.

Kinchina Concervation Park Map Oct 2019
Kinchina Concervation Park Map Oct 2019

You can zoom in and get much better detail with the PDF