ON TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS – CATASTROPHIC CONDITIONS – LFT is Absolutely Closed on these days. Do not attempt to walk the trail on these days, stay close to towns and safety, Listen for and follow directions of Emergency Broadcasts, head for Fire Safe Zones. SARTI wish all the Emergency Service Workers and people in fire zones to STAY SAFE!.
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Membership – Individual

Individual Membership

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That this form is not set to take payments. It will let you enter all your details, select your membership etc, and when you submit it, those details will go to our Treasurer and Membership Officer, who will then wait for your payment to be received and cleared.
Currently Payments can be made by: Cheque, Postal Order, or Direct Bank Transfer.
Details of where to send the first two and Bank Account Details for the EFT will be in the email you receive confirming your application.

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