ON TOTAL FIRE BAN DAYS – CATASTROPHIC CONDITIONS – LFT is Absolutely Closed on these days. Do not attempt to walk the trail on these days, stay close to towns and safety, Listen for and follow directions of Emergency Broadcasts, head for Fire Safe Zones. SARTI wish all the Emergency Service Workers and people in fire zones to STAY SAFE!.
New Footsteps newsletter coming soon (end March 2020)


Over the 20 years of the volunteers building the Lavender Federation Trail there have been a wealth of photos taken.
We currently loading new photos, so please be patient as we do so, KEEP COMING BACK TO CHECK.
Better yet, we encourage you to walk some of the trail and experience it for yourself or with friends and family.

Our Publicity Officer – Graham Hallandal has collected a fantastic collection of photos of the trail and he has compiled them into a sequential journey of the trail from Murray Bridge in the South, to Clare in the North.
He has further divided them up to match up with the Lavender Federation Trail Maps!

100 photos

75 photos

104 photos

94 Photos

67 Photos

70 Photos