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Monarto Trails Working Group Currently back working again after a fantastic opening of the Jailbreak Trail on the 24th April. Well Done Everyone, approximately 200 people attended.
Check next Working Bee Dates Here


Maps for you to download: (Select from Tabs at top in coloured area to change the ‘Trail Category’ (if not default LFT) 

 Murray Bridge Hills Trails:-

Lavender Federation Trail Spurs & Loop Trails:-
Read why we sell the main maps (below).
The Lavender Federation Trail has many “Loop or Spur” Trails leading off of it.
Currently all of these are included in the Full Trail Maps.

  • Tungkillo Loop Trail – Map 2
  • Eden Valley Loop Trail – 18km  – Map 3
  • Springton Loop Trail – 17km  – Map 3
  • Moculta Loop Trail  – 10.5km – Map 3
  • Moculta – Truro Spur – 9km – Map 3
  • Truro Spur Trail  – 5km – Map 3
  • Point Pass Loop Trail – 14km – Map 5
  • Robertstown Link Trail – 7.5km – Map 5

FULL TRAIL MAPS Available From these locations…

Please Note: Why we ‘sell’ the main maps:-
The trail is entirely constructed by volunteers using grants from Local, State & Federal Governments, donations from individuals & groups and membership of ‘Friends of the Lavender Federation Trail’ ($10 PA for individuals, $100 PA for organizations & businesses – please join us) to fund the project.

Maps of the trail are available, currently five in all, and these give all details necessary including trail lengths, terrain, areas subject to inundation after rain, historical data etc. Map outlets are listed on the web and the income from map sales helps us fund upgrades & maintenance as well as produce new maps when changes or additional trails off the main trail occur.

Please refer to the link to access where to get full trail maps.