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Monarto Trails Working Group Currently back working again after a fantastic opening of the Jailbreak Trail on the 24th April. Well Done Everyone, approximately 200 people attended.
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TRAIL WARNING UPDATE: Murray Bridge Jan 2018

Thomas Foods International’s giant abattoir on the North side of Murray Bridge hit by devastating fire last night.
Check out this report

As the lavender Federation Trail goes very close to this disaster, the trail has been altered temporarily, see map on how to navigate that area: 
“The main trail goes right alongside the building that burnt down but by using the Sanders Trail that goes on the other side of the wetlands, and is a part of, together with the main trail, a loop.


Lavender Federation Trail Wetlands-Thomas Foods fire - Detour

Lavender Federation Trail Wetlands-Thomas Foods fire – Detour

SARTI would like to express concern and sympathy for all those affected by this devastating fire.